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Dear Birdy, Princess Birdzilla von MuffinStuff, Keeper of Dreams, Lover of our Fine Feathered Friends, queen of my life and light of my world, I hope this letter finds you well. If you are reading this then I am gone, and sweetheart, I am so sorry.

Chi-town professional Wren Riley is 25 and a rising star in the business world. She can eat a man alive and laugh about it to her girlfriends in seconds flat–and she does, on the regular. Behind the power suits and the flashing, flirty eyes, however, Wren has a secret, vulnerable side. Following a devastating loss and the discovery of a bird journal she and her father made together years before, Wren sets out to seek peace, closure, and something she just can’t name. Is that something tied to the little paper cranes she keeps finding along the way?

Laurence Byrd grew up a lanky Hoosier kid with the good/bad fortune of having the same name as the state’s perennial basketball legend. With a better affinity for dogs than sports or school, he ends up in the Army instead of the Chicago art school of his dreams. Still, his service to our country is something he can be proud of–until an argument with the girl who means the world to him results in a series of events that blows his life apart. With no one left to understand him, black sheep Laurie pours out his heart into letters and drawings he never intends to send–then he folds them into paper cranes that he leaves behind like messages in little winged bottles. He never dreams someone might be finding them.

God damn it, Sylvia, for a few moments I tricked myself into feeling really alive. I cut it off before anyone got hurt, but just for a moment or two, I really thought I might feel something again–something like trust. Something like love. Not the kind of love we had, but something new. Something like hope.

Spoiler alert: Wren and Laurie are going to meet. And when they do, their lives are never going to be the same.


It is always nice to check out new authors, and I am glad I checked out “Bird After Bird” by Leslea Tash. It is not every day you come across a heroine and hero who make a connection over birds and what they represent in each others life. I thought this book was insightful, sweet and romantic.

Laurie, is a great guy. He is an artist with a sensitive soul that you can’t help but fall in love with. His connection with Wren is instantaneous. Both characters are trying to overcome losses in their lives and find in each other kindred spirits. Wren, is a free spirit. What I really like about the her character was that you really could feel where she was coming from. Her reasoning for the decision she made was logical, and seeing her emotional journey throughout the book was really nice. The use of bird metaphors, and the importance of birds in general stream throughout the entire book. If you hate birds, this might not be the book for you, however, I thought the bird theme played nicely throughout the book.

On a side note about birds; I have never really given them much thought, but because of “Bird After Bird” by Leslea Tash I might give bird watching a try. This book takes place in Indiana, as a fellow Hoosier I found of the setting descriptions delightful. It is always fun to read about places that you know about or that you have been.

I thought this book was sweet and delightful. I thought Leslea Tash told a really nice story. There were some parts that I wished she would have delved into more, however by the end you felt like a complete story had been told. I thought this book was a nice change of pace from the typical romance/new adult books that are currently out there being written.