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A standalone, sequel novel to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Falling Into You.

My name is Colton Calloway. You’ve heard part of my story, but it turns out there’s more. My little girl, Kylie, is all grown up. Seventeen, beautiful, and talented, just like her mother. And just like Nell, my daughter seems to have fallen for a bad boy, one with a lot of darkness and a lot of secrets.

* * *

You thought you knew the whole story. You thought it was over. Happily ever after for everyone.

You were wrong.

My name is Oz Hyde, and you’ve never met me. I’m part of the story, too, but I’m an aside, a quick line or two you’d all but forgotten about. Well guess what? I’ve got my own story to tell.

Buckle up, ‘cause this is gonna be a hell of a bumpy ride.


There are books that turn your world upside down. Where the words on the page consume you and you know that you are reading something special. I felt just that about “Falling Into You” the first book in the Falling series. It was the story of Nell and Colt, and how tragedy brought these two souls together. Then there was “Falling Into Us” the second story in the Falling series. In the second book you are introduced to Becca and Jason and you learn about their lives and struggles during the same timeline as Nell and Colt’s story. At this point you might be asking yourself why I’m bringing the first books in the series into a review of the third, and the simple response is you won’t comprehend the importance of the plot twists without reading the first two books in the series. So go and read them before you read the third book, and trust me they are amazing.

It was not necessary for Jasinda to write this book. The story was complete after the end of the second book. She wrote this as a thank you to her fans, and how glad I am that she did. What Jasinda did so masterfully is bring old characters that we love and weaves them in with new characters that we are not familiar with yet. The story is told through two male perspectives. You get to hear from Colt and see the father that he ended up becoming. You get to see where Nell and him are in life, and it is great to catch up with them. The other perspective is OZ. A young man from the wrong side of the track who will capture your heart and remind you of a younger Colt.

At the heart of it “Falling Under” is a love story between Nell and Colt’s daughter Kylie and that boy named Oz. However, with Jasinda’s masterful storytelling a love story is not just a love story. It’s a tale that can tear your soul apart, that can make you feel like you are falling in love again for the first time, and it can make you remember that sometimes in life the happy ending you had planned, isn’t the ending meant for you. Jasinda Wilder is one of the strongest storytellers out there today because she knows how to capture these moments in just a few simple words.

Another great thing about this book and the series in general, is the use and reference to music throughout the story. References to songs, from metal, country and indie are all interspersed throughout the book. The songs that are chosen let us know about inner thoughts and feeling of the characters. You can go and listen to a piece that’s mentioned  and you will know what was running through that characters mind at that time of that scene. Music becomes a universal language where these characters learn to communicate and express their feeling with each other.

I can’t say enough how much I love this book. Sometimes it feels like Jasinda Wilder can do no wrong. Trust me when I say you will not regret reading this series.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00IRGTIZ2