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Grace Templeton thought the child she’d been carrying for seven months was the child of her dead husband. And Jack Hansen thought the sperm he’d donated had gone to the wife of his sterile twin… Until they learn that two vials of sperm at the fertility clinic were accidentally switched.

The shock sends Grace into early labor, and the only place she can have complete bed rest is at the Dancing Moon Ranch owned by Jack and his twin, Sam.

But soon, Grace finds herself falling in love with a hard-edged cowboy who appears to want to control every aspect of her life, now that she’s carrying his son. But Jack has his reasons. He also has no intention of marrying, and Grace is determined to learn why


Patricia Watters ” Righteous Lies” is a nice read. The story starts off with Grace Templeton seven months pregnant after being artificially inseminated with her dead husbands sperm, being called to a meeting at her fertility clinic. Here she meets Jack Hansen who had donated sperm to his sterile twin brother and his sister-in-law Susan. Soon mayhem ensues when The fertility clinic informs them that there was a mix up and that Grace is actually carrying Jacks son.

“Righteous Lies” is an escapism novel. If you want to have a quick read and just get wrapped up in story for a couple of hours, this is s a good story to read. You will have to set aside some plot holes and just accept some things as they are, but if you just go with the flow you’ll have a good time.

The story line is mostly told in Grace’s perspective with some Jack moments thrown in. As a protagonist I felt that Grace was a little self-righteous. However, she was not afraid to speak her mind, and she fought for what she wanted. She handled the situation that she was put in really well. If I had been in her shoes I might have been a hot mess. Her romance with Jack, seemed to develop a little to quickly for me. It was very much, I going to have a baby with a stranger, you’re a hot stranger, your are a caring hot stranger, I love you. I would have like to have seen some moments were the love between them really developed, because the love felt like it came out of lust, and because Grace was carrying Jack’s child. There are other moments that are implied that happened off the pages, which I think would have shown their developing feeling for each other.

What I enjoyed about Patricia Watters writing was that she created a world that made you want to keep reading. Although the premise felt a little far-fetched at times, I still wanted to keep reading. After finishing the book, I wanted to go out and buy the other books in the series and find out what happens next. So, I would recommend this read if you want a good old fashion romance story.

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