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Cautious is the follow-up sequel to ‘Disastrous’, you can read my previous post at https://yolandabooks.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/disastrous-disastrous-1-by-e-l-montes/  if you want to know about the first book. What I really like about Cautious is that it starts of right were Disastrous ended. There is no lag time, so it makes for a really smooth transition between both books. I also love that this book is in dual point of view. It is really great to get Marcus point of view. I felt it added a lot to Mia and Marcus’s story.

The theme, can love really survive anything, is in the forefront of this story. This quote I feel really summons up the main issue that Mia and Marcus deal with.

“I truly, with all of my heart and soul, loved him more than any person could love another. Despite that fact, a time may come when even a love that strong might not be enough.”

How they deal with their issues of trust, insecurities and Marcus side business are an important part of the story. Cautious is a much more suspenseful story than Disastrous and that is all because we get to hear Marcus’s point of view. In the first book I had my doubts about Marcus. I was asking myself why would Mia put up with all the drama. However, Marcus has so much more depth, that he becomes much more sympathetic. By the end I know where is coming from and it only makes me root more for Mia and Marcus to succeed.

In the end Cautious was another great read by E.L. Monte. I truly enjoyed this series, and hopefully we get these characters popping up in other stories.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00CWNE2AC