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Searching for Someday is the first book in Jennifer Probst Searching For series. If you are a fan of her Marriage to a Billionaire series you are going to love this series as well. (Spoiler, some characters from the Marriage to a Billionaire novels do make cameo  appearances in this novel).  Searching for Someday is the story of Kate and Slade. Kate is part owner of the matchmaking company, Kinnection. While Kate’s ability to sense a romantic connection between two people helps her company Kinnection and the people she sets up, she has been unlucky in love. After a string of horrible dates, Kate has about given up on love when Slade enters the picture. Slade is handsome, funny, smart, everything a girl could want. However, he is also a divorce lawyer who is cynical about the concept of love and everything it encompasses.

What I love about Jennifer Probst, is that her books make you feel joyful and that you have a smile on your face once you finish reading her books.  What I loved about Searching for Someday was the message of friendship, and hope that’s sprinkled throughout the entire novel. Hope, that even if you haven’t found your other half you keep putting yourself out there until you do.  That you are courageous to admit your feelings, and even when it doesn’t go your way you can still leave with your head held high. In addition, how important it is to surround yourself with a great group of friends, while you are waiting for your other half to come along. The reason being that when you are feeling down your friends are the ones who are going to make you laugh and lift your spirits.

This was a great book. The book was funny and sexy and has everything you would want in a feel good story. The characters where amazing, and the supporting characters make you want to get their story as well. Kate and Slade are a sexy couple. I can’t wait until more books in this series come out.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00BSBVIDI