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If you have not read the first book in the series Killing Sarai, read no further,  go read it because you won’t regret it. In the Company of Killers is a series that will catch you by surprise. It is much different then some of J.A. Redmerski’s more popular series The edge of Never. I’m not even sure what genre to categorize this story in. It is not a typical romance or new adult novel. There are elements of suspense, and a dark criminal element that overshadows any romance that might be happening in the book. Although there is a beautifully twisted love story, Reviving Izabel is not about Victor and Izabel falling into each others waiting arms. Reviving Izabel is the journey of Sarai dying and Izabel emerging.

Reviving Izabel starts eight months after Killing Sarai left off. Sarai is trying to work on being normal but it is not working out so well for her. Soon her actions lead her back into Victor’s presence and some craziness ensues. Towards the end of the book there was a scene that, had I been Sarai, I would have done some series bodily damage to Victor. However, the way that Sarai handles it really hones in on the fact that her experiences will never let her be “normal” and that her path in life was chosen for her long before she meet Victor. J.A. Redmerski does an amazing job of creating these amazing characters, and even though they are ruthless killers you are on their side. The characters in this book are the perfect anti-heroes. I can’t wait to read more in the series and get Fredrik’s story. Hopefully, we will get some more of Victor and Izabel as well because I can’t get enough of those two.

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