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If the words Dom/sub disturb you then this book is not for you. However, if you are willing to keep and open mind and take the emotional ride that is Natural Law then you will not regret reading this book. I’ll be honest, I have not read many stories were the main focus is the Dom/sub dynamic. Sure there was Fifty Shades of Grey and most recently Waking Kiss, however those were child’s play Dom/sub story lines compared to Natural Law.

Joey W. Hill, takes the reader deep into the underbelly of this world. A world that is kept on the outskirts of considered acceptable human norms. The story starts off introducing Violet a Dom at a high-class BDSM club. When Violet catches the eye of Mac, a male submissive who has gone undercover to find a Dominatrix serial killer; all preconceived notions of BDSM are shattered.

There are scenes that can make you uncomfortable, but those scenes take the characters and the readers to an emotional release that you do not expect. Their discomfort is your discomfort, their release is your release. The beauty of Violet and Mac’s relationship is this give and take that they give each other. The BDSM aspect of their relationship only enhances everything that they feel and that they are.  If you have ever wanted to check out a BDSM book I would highly recommend Natural Law, you wont regret it.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B0031TZ94Y