Oh Monica Murphy, what did you do to me.  As I am typing this review there is a huge smile on my face because of how happy this book made me feel. As I read Drew + Fable Forever , I couldn’t help but remember what makes these two characters so great and why I love them so much.  If you are a fan of One Week Girlfriend, and Second Chance Boyfriend you have to read this novella. Drew and Fable are each others rocks. Their feelings for each other never waver and it is beautiful to see. The chemistry and love between Drew and Fable is stronger than ever.

Monica Murphy, gives us a glance into their lives as they take the next steps in life together. Jen and Owen make appearances throughout the book, which adds a nice layer to the novel. It’s nice to visit with them as well.  Although this story is a novella, you never felt that you were missing storyline because of the length of the book. The story felt complete and that is sometimes hard to do with novella so kudos to Monica Murphy. This is a beautiful finish to Drew and Fable love story, and it had my heart jumping for joy. Their happily ever after was perfection and I am just glad that Monica Murphy gave another glimpse into there lives. There is only one appropriate word I can think of to end this review and that is MARSHMALLOW.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00GVZZQ2A