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If you have ever read any book by Alice Clayton you know that she is so great at creating witty, strong, flawed characters that make you laugh, cry, and slap them silly sometimes. With The Redhead Revealed this is exactly what you get with Grace.

The Redhead Revealed is the second book in the Redhead series. A tale about Grace, a 33 year striving actress and her love interest 24-year-old, Hollywood’s next big star, Jack. While the first book was a really an introduction to these characters, the second book focuses on Grace’s issues and let me tell you there are a few issues she needs to deal with. What I loved about the book was that Alice Clayton made these characters so real. You understand where her characters are coming from. Even when you want to yell at Grace for some of her decisions you understand her state of mind. There are scenes in this book that will make you want to throw your kindle and yell out to the book gods “why” but those scenes were needed. This is a tale about Grace’s journey of self discovery and self acceptance and you can’t have that without some strife. Grace is a real woman flaws and all.

However, don’t let my warning of strife turn you away from this book. If you loved the first book you are going to love the second. Jack and Grace are sexier than ever. The same wittiness and laugh out loud moments are also in the second book. The same fun adorable characters from the first book also appear throughout the book. In the end this was another great read by Alice Clayton. I can’t wait to read the third book in the series.

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00B73MUM0