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Consumed is the second book in the Devoured series by Emily Snow. If you have read the first book you are familiar with Lucas, lead singer for Your Toxic Sequel and Sienna the fiery red-head that has captured his heart.

I enjoyed this book. It starts off right were the first book left off, Lucas declaring his love for Sienna through song. A new tour has started and we see some familiar face pop up. You have your nemesis in Samantha and Cilla, the boys in the band Wyatt, Sinjin, and Cal, and the best sister/assistant in the world Kylie. One of my favorite parts in the book was any scene with Sinjin. I felt that Emily Snow really made his character develop so much more than what you saw in the first book. There was a brother/sister interaction between him and Sienna that was really nice and you saw that interaction throughout the entire book. I feel like there need has to be a Sinjin book in the future. I would love that.

My one major complaint would be that I felt that the book could have used one more editorial glance before publishing. I am not one to criticize grammar mistakes, however; there were sections where grammatical/syntactical mistakes got in the way of the reading experience. It wasn’t bad enough that I would deter anyone from reading the story, but it did happen more than a few times.

What I really enjoyed the most about Consumed was that all your questions for the first book are answered in the sequel. Emily Snow did a nice job of really of creating a cohesive arc between book one and two. She also created great characters in Sienna and Lucas. Hopefully we will see their characters pop up in future books. If you like the first book Devoured, then Consumed will leave you satisfied.

You can buy Consumed now on Emily Snow web page: http://emilysnowbooks.blogspot.com/p/where-to-find-devoured.html