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If you are a fan of the Beautiful Bastard series then you are going to love Beautiful Beginning. This novella focuses on Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills’ big day. They are back in San Diego bringing their family and friends to celebrate in their wedding day. The whole gang is there; Sara, Max, William and Hanna, to cause some mischief, and it is great to check up on them and see what their lives have been up to since the last book. We are also introduced to Bennett’s and Chloe’s crazy extended family that leads to some great laughs throughout the book.

What I really enjoyed about this story was that it felt complete. There are times when you read novellas and they are just so rushed that it feels like you are missing big story points. The reason Beautiful Beginning works is because the reader are already familiar with these characters through the earlier books in the series. I would highly recommend reading the other books in the series first to get the most out of this story. I also enjoyed that Christina Lauren stayed true to the characters. Bennett was his fabulous bastard self, and Chloe was full on snark mode. Their love-hate relationship was in full force throughout all the pages. No one does crazy sex fuel outburst better than those two.

This was a great way to end the series. I will miss these characters, hopefully we can catch up with them again in the future.