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What a great book to start my New Year reading. If you are a fan of Monica Murphy and her Drew + Fable series you are going to enjoy Three Broken Promises. You are first introduced to Jen and Collin in Second Chance Boyfriend.They are secondary characters that leave you asking for more. With Three Broken Promises Monica Murphy gives you more.

Jen and Collin have an interesting relationship. They share a long history together and although they’ve know each other forever there are still secrets in their pasts that haunt each of them and make them deny their feelings for each other. What I loved about Jen and Collin was there chemistry. Monica Murphy has a way of make something as simple as a glance ooze sexuality. There were some really sexy scenes in this book and I loved when Collin would go a little Alpha on Jen.

My only complaint is that I felt Collin’s reason for staying away from Jen was not a strong enough reason. I felt that Jen’s secrets were definitely darker then Collin’s. I could understand why Jen would want to keep her secret and I felt that Collin’s issue should not have been as big as a deal as he made them out to be. Overall, this was a great read, and it was nice to see some scenes with Fable, Drew and Owen. Hopefully, we will get some more Jen and Collin in the future.

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